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You know you're obsessed with geckos if...

167) You wont leave your grandparents house because of all the geckos.

166) Your vacations consist of a 5 hour get away.

165) You refer to yourself as gravid not pregnant.

164) You got a bonus from work but the only ones taking a trip are the geckos you just ordered.

163) You laugh at the contestants on Fear Factor because they have to eat superworms, roaches, beetles etc.

162) Your wife's pregnant and your friends call her your new project.

161) You have hundreds of friend which you have never met but you know their forum screen names.

160) Your kids try acting like a gecko so they'll get more attention.

159) You failed science class in high school but know how to do a punnet square.

158) The Bounty paper towel CEO writes you a thank you letter for all your business.

157) You drop everything to watch the Geico gecko commercials.

156) You have offspring paired up already some of which don't exist.

155) Someone needs to find you and they head straight for the gecko room.

154) You fire the exterminator because he killed all your feeders.

153) You ask Santa for snow and hope it's a Mack snow.

152) You go to a show to sell geckos and come back with all new geckos non of which you initially took.

151) You keep all your babies.

150) You love screaming babies.

149) You buy your kids a t-shirt with leopard geckos on it.

148) You call into work and tell the boss you can't come in because your gecko is sick.

147) Your geckos web page is more accurate than your family web page.

146) You actually filmed your geckos and put it on your web page.

145) You're standing in the express line at the market with baby food and birth control.

144) Your house is suddenly raided by the police and you're found with containers of white powder. You're now screaming in your jail cell "It was just calcium powder for the geckos!"

143) You have no furniture in your room as your tanks and racks occupy the space.

142) Your significant other won't let you look at breeders web sites unless they are present.

141) You get your parents involved in keeping geckos.

140) You read care sheets over and over but you've been keeping that specie of gecko for 5 years.

139) You and your friend keep geckos and you talk for hours about them.

138) You spent your entire paycheck on a pair of Super Snows and you know your significant other is going to kill you.

137) You and your gecko watch TV together.

136) You're awake until 1 am feeding all the nocturnal species.

135) You empty plastic containers to use as hides.

134) Your bathtub is full of sticks and containers that you're disinfecting.

133) You buy dozens of jars of baby food for your crested geckos and someone asks you "How many babies do you have?" You say "About 50 and they're little pigs."

132) You hate reading but will finish a gecko care book or reptile magazine in a day.

131) You're watching it snow and you're thinking to yourself "I wish I could breed it".

130) You run the air conditioning all summer to keep your room below 80°F for your crested geckos.

129) Your neighbors get tired of the crickets chirping.

128) Your entire family keeps geckos.

127) You kiss your geckos.

126) Your sons first word is gecko not mommy or daddy.

125) You're getting married and the minister says "Do you take this man and his reptiles..."

124) You buy your girlfriend a gecko for Christmas and you ask her "Can I borrow him next month for breeding?"

123) Your geckos cages are cleaner than your house.

122) You have bottles of water laying around.

121) Your desktop background is set with a gecko picture.

120) You bought a new $800 camera and the first picture is of a gecko.

119) You accidentally served mealworms to your kids.

118) You and your wife are watching TV. All of a sudden you dive off the couch. She asks "Are you ok and what was that for?" Your response, "Nothing honey. I'll be right back. Oh noooo, the roaches are getting out!!"

117) You try thinking of a school project that you can incorporate your geckos into.

116) Your significant other buys you geckos and bugs for your birthday.

115) You look through a book of baby names to name your newest addition that's guaranteed to arrive by 10:30 am.

114) Your best friend comes over to see all your animals. While in your herp room he decides he needs a drink.

113) Your friend opens the fridge and finds nothing but eggs.

112) Your girlfriend says "Either I go or the geckos go!" It looks like you can get that knob-tail colony going now.

111) You walk into Wal-Mart and clear out there disposable container isle.

110) You've worked overtime the past week just to pay for that new gecko.

109) Your friend stops by to get some bait before going fishing.

108) You never go on vacations.

107) You just got a new baby and you wish you could catch the flies and grasshoppers as food in the backyard.

106) You're sharing pictures of your rack on reptile forums and your boyfriend thinks nothing of it.

105) You don't turn lights on in the herp room so you don't disturb the animals.

104) You go to Costco and buy paper towels by the cart load.

103) You tell everyone in your family to save egg cartons as you use them for your roaches.

102) You sit their and watch your leos mate and you hope the kids don't see you watching as they may get the wrong idea.

101) You plan your family vacation around Daytona in August.

100) You go to the beach, look down at the sand and wish it was newspaper or paper towel.

99) You tell your kids not to eat their carrots as you need to give them to your mealworms.

98) You order supplements in bulk containers.

97) You collect styrofoam peanuts by the bag to package supplies.

96) The UPS driver knows what's in your box when it's delivered.

95) Your neighbors are trying to exterminate roaches and you're trying to breed them.

94) You breed mice not for snakes but for your geckos.

93) There are crickets running around your house.

92) You collect Victoria's Secret catalogs, not to look at, but for use as a substrate.

91) You name your animals.

90) Your geckos take calcium and vitamin supplements but you don't.

89) You see a sale ad at Raley's for tangerines and you wonder what bloodline it is.

88) You collect caps for water dishes.

87) The delivery guy says, "Your box is making chirping noises."

86) The delivery guy drops off your feeder bugs, rings the door bell and runs!

85) You move your furniture around in your room to make space for your racks.

84) You wonder how these tangerines will breed and the manager stops you saying "You're scaring the customers sir and put that fruit down!"

83) You fall asleep to the sound of chirping crickets.

82) You tell your wife that she just got 3 new babies. She looks at you dumbfounded and says "I never had any babies!"

81) Your neighbor tipped-off the police because they suspected you were doing something. When the police checked into it they noticed the excessive amount of electricity you were using and suspected you were growing pot.

80) You overhear people talking about their brand new baby at a party. And you pipe up and say this year I've got 5 babies from my first time breeding female.

79) You keep better records of your animals than with anything else.

78) You answer all the customer question at the pet store but you're the customer too.

77) You're on the computer ordering geckos when all of a sudden your significant other walks in. And you say, "This it the last one. I promise!"

76) You find yourself buying more and more geckos.

75) Your mom draws the line on the number of animals you have.

74) You tell your parents that it's the same gecko, it just changes its color and name.

73) All you can think about is when are these eggs going to hatch!

72) Your bedroom smells worse than the rest of the house.

71) You're excited that your roaches finally had babies.

70) Your animals have a better sex life than you do.

69) When someone comes over to your house and says "What's that smell?" And your reply is "Hmm......I don't smell anything."

68) Your girlfriend/boyfriend is mad at you because your animals get to see you more than they do.

67) You find yourself catching bugs in someone else's house.

66) You failed Spanish class but can speak Latin.

65) You have big piles of paper ready for use.

64) People ask you to reorganize their house as you can arrange things to make more space available.

63) You find yourself saying "I can fit another tank in here".

62) Your bedroom is at a constant 80 degrees.

61) You buy a dozen different fruits and vegetables at the grocery store but you don't plan on eating any of it.

60) You wake up in the middle of the night just to check on the baby and see if it ate its mealworms.

59) The power company knows it's getting cold when you turn your heat tape up.

58) You got in trouble by your girlfriend/mother when she found out that you have roaches.

57) Your vet knows what your animals look like.

56) You have scratches all over your arm and friends wonder what you and your girlfriend fought about this time.

55) You're trying to stop smoking, not for your health, but for the health of your animals.

54) You stop noticing that the crickets are really loud.

53) You lie awake at night worrying that your female is going to lay eggs.

52) People are amazed that you brought a little lizard to the vet.

51) You try convincing your significant other that this hybino only cost $40!

50) The neighbors wonder what you're constantly taking photos of.

49) You don't have a girlfriend!

48) Your wife's friends pregnant and you want to know if the baby is het for anything. Then you say "If it is can I prove it out?"

47) You're fascinated by genetics.

46) You say I'm only going to get just one leopard gecko.

45) Your family has an unusual trait and you wonder if you can make a new morph.

44) You spend hours looking at geckos online.

43) You spend hours reading posts on forums.

42) The dishwasher is full of dishes but none are from the kitchen.

41) You spend hours designing a record sheet so you can track the gecko family tree.

40) Everything on your Christmas list is live.

39) You own 500 geckos know exactly where the vet office is.

38) You own 500 geckos and every single one has a name.

37) You and your significant other walk into Wal-Mart and you head for the Rubbermaid containers.

36) You spend your "quality time" cleaning cages.

35) You use more electricity during the winter than the summer.

34) You eat a McDonalds happy meal for dinner just to pay for that pair of tangerine carrot-tails that arrive tomorrow.

33) Your favorites is full of 100 gecko breeder websites.

32) You're worried your mealworm colony isn't producing enough.

31) GeckoForums is your homepage.

30) You take incubating eggs with you on a road trip.

29) The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is check the incubator and geckos.

28) You check your eggs in the morning, afternoon, evening, just before bed and every time in between.

27) Your collection of 50 knob-tails is worth more than your new car.

26) You stopped buying feeder bugs at the pet store and now buy them in bulk.

25) You know your geckos daily schedule.

24) You have never been out on a date.

23) You tell your wife about the geckos and bugs after the wedding.

22) You go through 3 tape measures a year.

21) You call your leo "mans best friend".

20) You know more than the pet store employee.

19) Your geckos have dishes but you don't.

18) Your wife finds the credit card bill and you charged $3000 last month.

17) You wake up in the morning to find a cricket crawling on your pillow.

16) Your friends never want to come in your house.

15) Your neighbors look at you through the window while you feed and wonder "What is that guy growing?"

14) You use old tooth brushes to clean cages and dishes with.

13) You have more pictures of your geckos than of your family.

12) The people at UPS recognize you when you come in.

11) You're talking to some people at a party about babies. You say "I just had a baby. I don't know the sex yet but it was 3" and weighed 2.5 grams. I'm so excited!"

10) Before choosing a girlfriend you make sure she's breeding age and weight. (Sorry I couldn't resist =)

9) You have the best security system ever.

8) Your spouse asks you where all the Tupperware went.

7) You wake up in the morning and your wife asks you if you would like eggs for breakfast? You jump up, run to the reptile room and start searching. And she says "Oh, not again!"

6) Your wife/mother screams when she sees a cricket run across the floor.

5) Your neighbors call the police because they see people in your house with flash lights. When the police arrive you have to tell them you were looking for eggs.

4) Your spouse is tickling your neck but it turns out to be a cricket.

3) You're trying to come up with something to add to this list.

2) You actually sat there and read this entire list.

1) You said yes to almost everything on this page!

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